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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Truth About the Protocols - Nilus


At any great public gathering there is always a steering committee in charge of advance arrangements. When one of the major political parties in the United States holds a national convention to select a candidate for the Presidency, there is a committee in the background that guides in the matter of preparation and procedure. As previously suggested, it is the concensus of best opinion among students who have made a careful study of the Protocols, these writings were originally drafted by certain men who were seeking to chart the course for the rebirth of Jewish nationalism. There are those who affirm that the documents were privately circulated among the leaders at the first Zionist meeting in 1897.

Mrs. L. Fry of London, who is perhaps as well informed on this subject as any living person, says in her remarkable book, Waters Flowing Eastward, "Meantime, through Jewish members of the Russian secret police, minutes of the proceedings of the Basel Congress in 1897 had been obtained and these were found to correspond with the Protocols."

Mrs. Fry says that shortly before the gathering was held in Basel, a woman by the name of Justine Glinka was doing intelligence work for the Russian government in France. In tracing out various lines of secret information, she heard about the Protocols and learned that copies were on file in the archives of the Mizraim lodge of Paris.

The Rite of Mizraim is a Jewish secret order with its base in Egypt and ramifications reaching throughout Europe. Mlle. Glinka is reported to have received two thousand five hundred francs from the Russian government which she gave to a Jew by the name of Joseph Schorst, who was a member of the Mizraim lodge. Having access to its secret files, Schorst was able to obtain the Protocols which Mlle. Glinka immediately transmitted to St. Petersburg.

According to the French police records, Schorst was murdered soon after this transaction was completed.

Mlle. Glinka kept a copy of the Protocols and when she returned to her home in the Orel district of Russia she gave them to a government official by the name of Alexis Sukhotin who in turn showed them to two friends, Philip Stepanov and Sergius A. Nilus. This was in the year 1897. Stepanov had them printed at once for private circulation among his intimate friends. The first time Nilus published them was in 1901 in a book which he called, The Great Within the Small. He reprinted them again in 1905.

After the revolution, Stepanov fled from Russia and died an exile in Yugoslavia in 1932. But his son, a gentleman now about forty-five years of age, lives in Paris at the present time; I talked with him in January 1935. I found Mr. Stepanov (the son) to be a most interesting Russian gentleman. He knew Nilus personally because they had both lived in the same Russian community. From him I learned many things about the personal life and habits of Nilus which were demolishing to the false reports I had so often read in both secular and religious magazines published in the United States.

Nilus was not a monk. He never lived in a monastery. Nor was he ever a teacher in any school or university. He was a married man, raised a family, lived in moderate circumstances, and a son of his is now living in Poland. Being a firm believer in the Bible as the supernaturally inspired Word of God, he was deeply religious. Prayer was a habit with him and his life was said to have been a consistent testimony to his profession as a Christian believer. He possessed literary skill and his writings were widely read among the Russian people prior to the rise of Communism.

Knowing the Jewish situation, he saw the revolution coming. He did his utmost to avert the catastrophe -- but failed. With other students of Bible prophecy, Nilus believed that a great superman, known as the Beast and the Antichrist, would arise and set up a world-wide system of dictatorship during that period of the world's history which would precede the second coming of Christ. Consequently, he wrote a treatise entitled, Antichrist as a Near Political Possibility, which made particular reference to the Protocols.

In explaining where he got the original copies of the Protocols, Nilus apparently tried to shield his compatriots who had helped him secure them. He once wrote, "These Protocols were secretly extracted from a whole bookful of Protocols. All this was got by my correspondent out of the secret depositories of the Head Chancellory of Zion. This Chancellory is at present on French territory."

Seeing the revolution rapidly approaching, Nilus wrote another book, in 1917, which bore the title, It is Close at Hand: At the Gates. This work was hardly off the press when the storm broke over his country. He had tried in vain to awaken the Russian people to the seriousness of the situation.

When the Jewish dictatorship was set up in Moscow it became a crime punishable by death for anyone to be found owning a copy of the Protocols.

The Jewish Cheka of the city of Kiev arrested Nilus in 1924 and subjected him to severe tortures. The Red leaders told him that he had done their cause of world revolution incomparable harm by publishing his books prior to the revolution. He died soon afterwards, his death being hastened by what he had suffered at their hands.

The following statement written by Nilus in 1905 gives a remarkable insight into his mental processes. It will be noted that he makes use of Scripture to emphasize his views. Facing a dark future, with storm clouds gathering overhead, he wrote, "In our day, all the governments of the entire world are consciously or unconsciously submissive to the commands of this great Super-government of Zion, because all the bonds and securities are in its hands; for all countries are indebted to the Jews for sums which they will never be able to pay. All affairs -- industry, commerce, and diplomacy-are in the hands of Zion. It is by means of its capital loans that it has enslaved all nations. By keeping education on purely materialistic lines, the Jews have loaded the Gentiles with heavy chains with which they have harnessed them to their 'Supergovernment'."

"The end of national liberty is near, therefore personal freedom is approaching its close; for true liberty cannot exist where Zion uses the lever of its gold to rule the masses and dominate the most respectable and enlightened class of society."

" 'He that hath ears to hear, let him hear'."

"It is nearly four years since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion came into my possession. Only God knows what efforts I have made to bring them to general notice -- in vain -- and even to warn those in power, by disclosing the causes of the storm about to break on apathetic Russia who seems, in her misfortune, to have lost all notion of what is going on around her."

"And it is only now when I fear it may be too late, that I have succeeded in publishing my work, hoping to put on their guard those who still have ears to hear and eyes to see."

"One can no longer doubt it, the triumphant reign of the King of Israel rises over our degenerate world as that of Satan, with his power and his terrors; the King born of the blood of Zion -- the Antichrist is about to mount the throne of universal empire."

"Events are precipitated in the world at a terrifying speed; quarrels, war, rumours, famines, epidemics, earthquakes -- everything which even yesterday was impossible, today is an accomplished fact. One would think that the days pass so rapidly to advance the cause of the Chosen People. Space does not allow us to enter into the details of world history with regard to the disclosed 'mystery of iniquity', to prove from history the influence which the 'Wise Men of Zion' have exercised through universal misfortunes by foretelling the certain and already near future of humanity, or by raising the curtain for the last act of the world's tragedy."

"Only the light of Christ and of his Holy Church Universal can fathom the abyss of Satan and disclose the extent of its wickedness."

"I feel in my heart that the hour has already struck when there should urgently be convoked an Eighth Oecumenical Council which would unite the pastors and representatives of all Christendom. Secular quarrels and schisms would all be forgotten in the imminent need of preparing against the coming of the Antichrist."

Futile attempts have been made to refute the Protocols. Propagandists have brought all manner of charges against them. Communists usually become hysterical when they are mentioned. But the stubborn fact remains that they are being constantly fulfilled by world changes which they have announced almost a half century in advance.

Perhaps the most effective attack which has ever been launched against them was the one appearing in the London Times back in August 1921. Three articles were published at that time which were purported to have been written by the Times' "Correspondent in Constantinople". The main charge was that because there was a similarity between the Protocols and certain previous writings that they must have resulted from plagiarism. All of the recent attacks appearing in religious journals in the United States are a mere rehash of what the Times printed fourteen years ago.

Because Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Webster and others, have answered these articles so effectively, it is hardly necessary to go into detail here concerning this phase of the subject. But before passing on to something more important, we may take note of two things.

First, The identity of the so-called "Times' Correspondent" has never been made public. He is simply known as "Mr. X--". The question naturally arises, Why the secrecy?

Second, The similarity of the Protocols with previously published writings does not necessarily prove Nilus to have been guilty of plagiarism; it rather tends to confirm the theory that the same subterranean unnamed occult organization has issued similar statements in the past, which, contrary to their wishes, also reached the public.

A careful reading of the Protocols will show that they base the hope of acquiring world dominion upon the control of gold. This idea is not new. There are repeated instances in history where nations have tried to break the Jewish money power.

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